CO-55 serves as a space for individuals, startups, and established companies aiming to increase productivity and grow their businesses. The space offers all amenities to cover day-to-day business needs, networking opportunities, learning workshops, in addition to a casual common area.

CO-55 is changing how and where people come together to work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of membership plans that CO-55 offers?

1.Private Office
Spacious, enclosed private office that can accommodate teams of different sizes. Move-in ready with desks, chairs, and storage cabinet.
2.Hot Desk
Choose any of the hot desks that most suit you in the shared workspace to immediately start your work, based on a first- come, first-served basis.
3.Virtual Office
An opportunity to establish your office on a prime address at a minimal cost, giving you access to some business services.

What benefits do I get with my membership?

As a CO-55 member, you get to enjoy all the services and amenities at our space from mail/package handling, reception services, and complimentary refreshments to office cleaning, access to networking events, and more. (Check them all out under “The Space” tab).

What type of businesses does CO-55 support?

CO-55 supports all types of businesses. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, startup, freelancer, small business, or a division of a large corporation, we would love to have you in our community.

How can I become a member of CO-55’s community?

Choose a membership plan that most suits you (whether a private office or a hot desk in our shared space).
If you’re interested in a hot desk, just show up to CO-55 and start working right away!
If you’re interested in a private office, contact us via email or over the phone to check availability and set up a meeting

Does CO-55 charge for utilities?

CO-55 does not charge for utilities. Water, air conditioning, electricity, and Internet are all included in your memebership’s cost.

How long is the leasing period for the private offices at CO-55?

Leasing period for private offices is usually either six months or one year.

What happens if I need more space or more desks in my office?

If you need to fit more people in your office, we are flexible to add more desks and chairs at a monthly fee for each additional table and/or chair.

How are office spaces measured at CO-55?

CO-55 determines office capacity by square meter measurement. Each office is furnished for a specific number of people, but if you want to fit more people it is up to you. We are flexible to meet your needs.

How often will my office be cleaned?

We work around the clock, daily and nightly, to ensure that the space is always clean. Private offices are cleaned on a continuous rotational basis after you leave, and office trash cans are emptied daily.

How do I get to pay my monthly membership fees?

Membership fees could either be paid in cash to our receptionist or through bank deposits/transfers to our CO-55’s bank account.

How do meeting rooms and event space reservations work?

Reservations for our meeting rooms and event space are made and coordinated with our receptionist or over the phone.